Bridgewood Church is Biblically-based, Christ-focused, and led by the Holy Spirit. Our approach is decidedly to reach those who are in need of a personal relationship with God. While we welcome with open arms all who would worship with us, our clear desire is to connect people to Jesus. Our worship services are often a place where someone can connect with Jesus for the first time, but are also places where long-term believers in Jesus can encounter Him by His Holy Spirit. We believe that God has placed our church in the heart of Savage, and next to Prior Lake, Burnsville and Shakopee because God wants our church to make a difference for the Kingdom of God in our region. We believe we are called to see lives transformed and our region therefore, transformed.


Bridgewood is a church plant started in 1998 by Wooddale Church of Eden Prairie and the Christian Reformed Church (CRC).
The CRC has its roots in the Reformation (1517 AD), when Martin Luther and John Calvin sought to reform the Catholic Church. From John Calvin came the Reformed Movement, which spread rapidly throughout Europe. In the British Isles, the Reformed Church became known as the Presbyterian Church. Early in American History, the Dutch settled a colony called New Amsterdam (now New York). They also settled in New England and the Mid-West and later the West Coast – forming what later became known as the Reformed Church of America. The CRC is a major daughter denomination of the Dutch Reformed roots. Thus, we are related historically to the Presbyterian and Reformed branches of churches.
Although the CRC started off as a Dutch immigrant church, it is now a very diverse and pluralistic body. There are black, Hispanic, Native American, and Oriental churches within the CRC. Approximately 1,040 churches, with 300,000 members, are in North America and there are thousands more worldwide.

Be a part of our story...

Join us every Sunday as we gather to worship together at 9:00 & 10:30 am.